I am honored to run camera, light, and floor direct on PBS12’s longstanding news panel show, Colorado Inside Out.
My backpacking piece on the loss of a beloved Denver Zoo mascot.
A short form documentary on animation and cartoons for adults. Written and produced by me. Edited and narrated by Kenyon George.
Preview for a 4 episode self improvement YouTube series. Filmed, Produced, Directed, and Edited by me.


Music video for Occam Rose’s Losing Sleep. Written, produced, directed, and edited by me.
Music video for Pretty. Loud.’s “Happy Sound Pretty Lights.” Filmed, produced, edited, and animated by me.
Music video and promo for. All Waffle Trick’s “ExSka ExSka Juicy Bits, in celebration of Weldwerks Brewery. Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by me.

Concert video of Denver’s Dolls in the Attic. Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by me. Cameras and additional filming by the amazing and talented Aaron Saye.


A tale of self reflection.
Fun video for Tim Sanchez’s “Bing Bong Theory.”
A faux-trailer for a fantasy book series. I used this as inspiration to myself and to practice some editing techniques.
Coping Mechanisms: The Musical, an exploration of stress and horror

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